In today’s episode of Living Above the Wellness Line, Stacy and I speak
about how we are able to manage emotions through this challenging, chaotic
time.  Being able to maintain a sense of hope and optimism will help us to
not only provide hope and bless others, it allows us to focus working on
our strengths as we navigate each one of our parts through this amazing
time.  Our perceptions along with being balanced and grounded will keep us
out of the fear narrative and into working towards a hopeful future.

Stacy shared Garys Great Day Protocol that is just one of the toolsets
that we can use to help us achieve a hopeful state of being.  The oils of
Valor, Harmony, Joy and White Angelica offer the body to get back into
balance, increase frequency and create a centered, happy feeling so that we
can do the work that we need to get our country back.

Grab these oils here –
Add them to your cart and check out.  It’s really easy and supports this

When you have done that, email Stacy at and she will
send you the Great Day Protocol.  These are step by step instructions to
apply the oils to start all your days off great!

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