In this episode of SMR, Sean Morgan interviews Jovan Hutton Pulitzer about the silent federalization of our elections and how patriots can demand the truth and make ‘Woke’ go broke.

Wake up, folks! The elections you’ve been voting in might just be an elaborate game of deception. Our guest this episode is the patriot and award-winning inventor, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. He’s here to blow the lid off the mainstream narrative and reveal how the federal government has been manipulating our elections. From the Bush era to the ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ mantra, Pulitzer discusses how strategies like the Albert Sensor and Edison’s Project have created dangerous backdoors in our electoral system. The truths he reveals about Splunk logs and router information will send shivers down your spine.

Hold on tight as Pulitzer takes us on a roller-coaster ride through his book, ‘Countdown to Chaos’. This eye-opener explores how our sacred elections can be hijacked. We also dive into Mike Lindell’s recent event and the risks of revealing plans to our enemies. Spoiler alert: the power of evil is real and we need to understand it to fight it. If the election manipulation wasn’t enough, we discuss the recent RICO indictment against President Trump and the strategies behind Lawfare. We’re living in a world where social media can make or break armies of conspirators. So, join us as we expose these hard truths. The fight for our great republic starts with awareness. Wake up, stay informed, and let’s take our power back!

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