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Joy’s article

The main herbs to help down-regulate the substances in our immune system that SARS-CoV-2 uses to proliferate are:
Angelica Sinensis (Don Quai ir Female Ginseng) and Astralagus, Japanese Knotweed, Chinese Skullcap, Cordyceps, Kudzu, and Boneset

The body will repair lung tissue after the host cell dies.  Herbs that aid in this process adapt to our immune system’s needs which reduces the effects of autoimmunity.  
Those herbs are:
Rhodiola, Astralagus, Cordyceps
Eating protein is important for this tissue repair and Japanese Knotweed aids in repairing the endothelial cells that become damaged.  Also, Pineapple has a certain constituent that is helpful in repairing deeper lung tissue.

Protecting the spleen and lymph system is important to prevent the infection from turning into COVID-19. 
Those herbs are:
Red Root, Chinese Skullcap, Licorice, and Bidens

Herbs that aid in stimulating the cells to fully develop that replace the damaged cells are:
Cordyceps, licorice, red root, elder, and zinc

I’m taking measures to prevent infection in myself, and now I’m sharing this information with you.  
The herbs or supplements that you can take safely to protect yourself are Cordyceps, Licorice, Elder, Chinese Skullcap, Grape Seed Extract, Astralagus, Rhodiola, and Zinc

*Licorice is one herb that shouldn’t be taken for more than three weeks in a row if it’s not actually treating something.  So, take a break with it before three weeks.  It doesn’t cause harm to anything usually; the body stops utilizing it after about three weeks.

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