In this episode of SMR, Sean Morgan interviews Bernie Suarez about the role that Ron DeSantis and Mike Pence may be playing as secret allies of Trump. Next, John Michael Chambers makes a special announcement.

Are you looking for a fresh perspective on the world of politics? Join us in an intriguing discussion featuring the founder of Truth and Art TV, Bernie Suarez. We delve deep into the world of influence operations and media narratives, unraveling the complexities and hidden agendas of both the right and left. The conversation takes us through the Q Intel drops, the Biden laptop saga and the rising popularity of Trump amidst perceptions of persecution. We also examine the media’s portrayal of Ron DeSantis, and how it’s making Trump look more likable in comparison. 

Turning our attention to the 2024 campaigns, we ponder on Trump’s strategies and how he may be conducting his own influence operations. We ponder on Mike Pence’s role, the spat with DeSantis, and the mysterious silence around Vivek Ramaswamy. Our conversation offers unique insights into how Trump might be manipulating public sentiments for his political advantage. Finally, we conclude with a special announcement from John Michael Chambers. He’s returning to broadcasting with his show, ‘40,000-foot View, Engaging Conversations’. John shares his personal journey with COVID-19 and lays out his plans to inspire viewers to be active participants in the journey to save America. Join us for a riveting conversation that provides an insider’s view into the world of politics, influence ops, and the fight to save America.

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