Stacy and I talk about the dangers of regular sunscreen and commercial bug sprays!  We are told that they help us to prevent cancers, yet the ingredients, when you look at them, actually CAUSE cancers.  When there is a large percentage of cancers from our environment, this is what we are talking about.  The products that we unknowingly bring into our home.   If your products contain the words – DANGER, CAUTION or WARNING…then there are toxic chemicals in your products.  Throw them out!!  It’s just not worth it.

Take charge of your health and wellness now, but joining us! 

Stacy provides us with some toxin free solutions through Young Living Essential Oils. 

This is a wonderful way to not only purchase toxin free products that are better for our bodies, but also remove your hard-earned money from cabal owned conglomerates that are steadily poisoning us.

Here is a list of the Summer Essentials that Stacy talks – you can grab one or all from the cart!

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