Stacy and I will be talking about the benefits of preparing our bodies for successful change.  Most people start their year with a diet or weight loss regimen for the year.  Many times they are unsuccessful because they have not been able to get their bodies prepared for the change.   

Cleanses can help unclog our digestive systems from all of the previous holiday goodies from the last few months and bring our bodies back into alignment to have better energy and focus.  Cleanses can also aid in our bodies’ ability to absorb nutrients and jump start weight loss or fitness goals.  When we clear things out, our body has more ability to heal itself.

Stacy speaks about three different types of cleanses. 

Daily, gentle Cleansing Trio –

5 Day Nutritive Cleanse (choose your meal replacement along with Ningxia 2 pack and Digest & Cleanse) –

The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs book on Amazon describes all things you need to be able to successfully do the Master Cleanse.

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