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Laura Walker Oracle Report
Excellent overview of the cosmic and astrological forces at play now.

Scott Kesterson, Bards of War
https://www.y outube.com/channel/UCOtB_qcFywPqu0uVwf6RPpw
Scott is very aware and awake and grounded in truth, and right thought and action.

David Icke, 
This is an excellent piece by David where he links all the pieces of this hoax together succinctly.

Conservative Twins
Very down to earth Black men who speak well and have great insight into the truth, asking those questions that allude most.

George Stankov
I have known George for years, he has much info on the ascension that we are in presently, we call it the awakening which is ascension, rising up out of the dark!

The Timeline, Donald Trump, Q and the Great Awakening.
This is just a wonderful, far reaching overview of all that has taken place unseen over the 3 years of Trump in the White House. What is happening behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

IPOT- In Pursuit of Truth
Sir Patrick Mack as he calls himself is a really deep exploring reacher. For those who want to see how the pieces fit together have a view of his “Weathermen’s Series” in 3 Parts.

For those seeking help, comfort or wanting to learn how to move past the place they may be stuck in presently I have these the wonderful women of incredible power…

Jasa Johnson
Just go and visit her site

Dr. Edwige
Same, just visit her site

Same, just visit her site

They are incredible healers…

interview with John Peterson and Robert David Steel…


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