Ignite your curiosity as we unravel the seismic shifts in global finance with our esteemed guest, Josh Reid, founder of Redpillstv. Brace yourself as we dissect the impending FedNow system that’s set to overhaul the age-old banking protocols, becoming an avenue for the federal government to scrutinize your every transaction. This episode promises an eye-opening exploration on the rise of this digital dictatorship and its potential to infringe upon our constitutional rights.

Venture with us as we expose the international conspiracy behind the Federal Reserve’s Unified Ledger system, and the unimaginable control it hands over to the US government. Reid deciphers the looming threat of private tokenization by the Federal Reserve and its implications on Bitcoin transactions. We also reveal the chilling signs of potential military build-up in Europe and the Persian Gulf, drawing attention to the escalating global tensions. 

The threats don’t just loom externally, America is under attack from within. This episode brings to light the alleged communist ties of Arizona Senator Mark Kelly and the ideological invasion by the Democratic Socialists of America. There’s a meticulous examination of Bernie Sanders’ intriguing past affiliation with the Communist Party and a candid discussion on the need for a new intelligence agency to counter these infiltrations. This episode is loaded with hard-hitting revelations and critical analysis, an absolute must-listen for anyone invested in the future of America.

In this episode of MSOM, Sean Morgan interviews Josh Reid about the surveillance of the FedNow system. Next, Trevor Loudon lays out the evidence of compromised US politicians.





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