Stacy and I will be talking about how inflation is affecting everyone’s bottom line and an option to join us in helping our families with an additional revenue stream and help others with their wellness solutions.
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Not only are you living a better lifestyle, toxin free and using dense nutrition and supplements to help your body work and feel better, you are able to share with others and Young Living provides you a commission by sharing links, helping people get started with the products and sharing the opportunity as needed.  People are looking for answers to challenges each day and we are there to help! 
There is no inventory to carry, just simply sharing a link, providing information that we have available.  We have business systems that allow you to craft your business to be most effective.  You can build in pretty much every market in the world. 

Everyone starts as a customer the first month and can start with any type of product, but we always love the Starter Bundles whether Essential Oil, Ningxia or Thieves.  The second month, you can convert to a Brand Partner when you purchase a Business Essentials Kit – $29.95.   This is your business, and we are here to help you learn, grown and share!
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