Unlock the mysteries of Psychological Operations (PSIOPs) with our expert guest, Paul Ferber, as we journey through the complex terrain of modern warfare. We dissect the deployment of PSIOPs, tracing their history from World War II to the current battlefields of cyberspace, where even tech giants like Elon Musk are players. We’ll reveal how these operations have evolved over time, from notorious moments like the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s statue, to recent ‘gotcha moments’ revealing the true locations of rogue agents. 

In our second half, we delve into the potentially hazardous territory of false flag narratives. We’ll dissect the mysterious case of the nuclear power plant controlled by the Russians, a story currently being peddled by the CIA and Zelensky. We unravel this tangled web of intrigue, exploring the dangerous game of nuclear terrorism that may be afoot. And we won’t shy away from homegrown controversies – the shocking story of cocaine found in the White House, and the ensuing demands for transparency. Join us for this thrilling deep-dive into the shadowy world of PSIOPs and the dangerous games of power and perception.

In this episode of SMR, Sean Morgan interviews Paul Furber about the various psy-ops unfolding today from the fake Wagner mutiny, to the false flag Nuclear power plant attack, and the cocaine found in the Whitehouse.

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