In this episode of SMR, Sean Morgan interviews the Praying Medic Dave Hayes about Tucker’s bombshell interview with the former Chief of the Capitol Police. Next, Is Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes correct about the space force having the evidence of 2020 election fraud, and how might Trump use his subpoena power in his current legal proceedings

Could the Capitol attack be part of a larger web of deception? Join me as I pull back the curtain on startling revelations alongside Dave Hayes, author of the Q Chronicles. We dissect the Capitol Police Chief’s enlightening interview – one that mainstream media has conveniently sidestepped. From highlighting the suspicious lack of intelligence sharing to posing hard-hitting questions about the denied entry of the National Guard, we brave the uncomfortable truths that have been shrouded in silence. We also touch on a story that’s been swept under the rug – a tale of the New Jersey State Police beating the DC National Guard to the Capitol.

But there’s more. Dave Hayes returns to lend his expertise as we scrutinize the murky allegations of election fraud. Ignored by mainstream media, we bring to light the evidence laid out in various legal trials, contemplating the strategic moves of Trump in the process. Could there be even more damning evidence tucked away in the confines of the National Security Agency? As we consider these puzzles, we also reflect on the future. What does this mean for the 2024 elections? Can Trump hope for vindication? Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion that dares to challenge mainstream narratives and ask the difficult questions.

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