In today’s episode of Above the Wellness Line, Sean and I
will be discussing products that will optimize and help women’s health from
all cycles of life. When our endocrine systems aren’t working properly due
to environmental factors, toxins, stress, etc., the world around us is
aware and we feel horrible. We feel lost and at a whim of chance to our
cyclical changes. Our family and friends may suffer from those dreaded
monthly visits and while synthetics have been given as options, they have
long lasting negative effects on our bodies. There is a MUCH better way.

I will be sharing some great tips, tricks and solutions so that you will
feel SMOOTH sailing throughout the month! You’ve GOT this girl!

Here is a list of products that were mentioned in today’s episode. Grab
one or all and get plugged into our great educational groups.

If you have any questions or would like to connect with Stacy, she can be
reached at the following:

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